Qsymia is intended for use by adults with a body mass index (BMI) of 30 or above. The people with BMI of 27 and above are said to be overweight and those with 30 and above are considered to be obese. Hence this is a medicine that is intended to be taken by those people who are either over -weight or obese and whose regular diet and exercise is not just enough to reduce their weight.

In addition to the weight loss implications, the little pill has also shown to be helpful for those suffering from diabetes of type-2, high cholesterol or high blood pressure. Since these are the problems that are most often associated with obesity, Qsymia by helping individuals lose weight is capable of showing a way out of these problems too. Some clinical trials have showed this is a effective medication for weight loss. In these trials, the subjects have reported a reduction of 22 lbs in the weight when treated with Qsymia. Additionally, levels of cholesterol and blood pressure are also reported to have significantly been reduced.

This has become possible because of the combined effect of the ingredients used in it. Phentermine, one of the two ingredients used in it acts as an appetite suppressant. It increases the levels of leptin in the body which is the hormone that helps in regulating the appetite. Topiramate also known as topamax, makes the body to feel fuller and hence makes the food less appealing. The latter also helps in burning calories faster. There is also a little evidence available to prove that Qsymia can improve the condition of the patients suffering from cardiovascular diseases.

Studies are still going on this topic so as to establish the validity of this claimed fact. The weight loss pill should be used only when prescribed by a doctor. Often it is recommended to take one pill a day along with food or without it. The usage should be regular for the medicine to be more effective and to reap benefits out of it. It should also be accompanied by a healthy lifestyle which includes proper diet and regular exercise.