When you are choosing a weight-loss program or diet medication, it's important to do your part in investigating and researching that product or claim. You should also be cautious of the very small print, asterisks and footnotes and unrealistic before-and-after photos. There are several false claims that you should watch out for as well. Your internal alarm should ring immediately when you hear one of the following:

  • "Lose Weight without Dieting or Exercise"
  • "Lose Weight while continuing to eat all of your favorite foods"
  • "Lose 30 pounds in as little as One Month"
  • "Lose that unwanted belly fat/arm fat/love handles"

The truth is that no matter which medication, diet, or work-out plan you choose, you will be required to make changes in every aspect of your life. If you decide that taking prescription weight-loss medication is right for you, your doctor will recommend diet and exercise in conjunction to the medication. Losing weight is committing to a long-term change in lifestyle.